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Furniture? Sculpture or toy?

A bit of it all. ROKKI is both a playful stool and a side table. Its material mix of wood and recycled plastic make it bottom heavy when horizontally oriented and transforms ROKKI into a rocking stool. This means freedom of movement and creative seating possibilities.
Tilted by 90 degrees, the rolling object becomes a static piece of furniture. The free-floating slab gives ROKKI a light yet dramatic look. In this orientation ROKKI still serves as a seating furniture but can also be used as an elegant side table. Or both at the same time.
Proven and popular with both children and adults, ROKKI is a stylish eye-catcher that invites to playful interaction.
The plastic panel is made of 100% recycled packaging material. By mixing different materials these panels show a subtle terrazzo look .

The white version consists exclusively of yogurt pots. Small colored particles of labels and aluminum foil are visible as inclusions. 

The black variant consists of various packaging materials. The material mix created irregular white spots and gives the panels some liveliness.

Ask for custom colors.
Height: 450cm

Width: 450mm

Weight: approx. 9kg 
+ Wood  (Ash tree) finished with natural oil
+ Recycled plastic panel
Delivery times

3-4 weeks - Germany

4-5 weeks - Europe
4-6 weeks - World