Timelessness, Reduction, Thoughfulness


In our design studio in southern Germany, we create high-quality home accessories, furniture and individual interior solutions that serve the now and tomorrow. Our aim ist to match smart modularity with innovative material design. 

Our love for minimalism and its grandiose universal design language forms the core of our work.  Creative head is Markus Hofko, whose background in graphic design provides him with the necessary visual sensibility to give an essence to the "thing" without resorting to ornamentation. His claim is to connect man and object. This succeeds through playful or practical incentives for interaction and offers a sustainable relationship between space, object and user.

In addition to visual reduction and sophistication, Hofko's focus lies on technical and craftsmanship perfection.


We are happy to hear from you, whether you've got a specific question about our products, praise, critique or if you are interested in collaborating with us on a design project.



(+49) 162 960 15 40

Augsburg, Germany