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Sensual concrete tableware at its finest

These purist concrete bowls harmonise with any interior style. Use these decorative vessels as fruit bowls, dishes, planters, for jewelry or anything you imagine. The unexpected optics and haptics of this tableware set breaks the traditional image of concrete as a rough and cold material. The surface feels silky due to the fine polish with bees wax. The thin rims add an elegant lightness to these solid objects. 

Each bowl is checked and finished by hand to guarantee a perfect finish.

The full set includes 12 pieces, consiting of three shapes in four balanced colours, cool or warm hues.

Please read our maintenance sheet for further informations

Height: 90mm, 60mm, 30mm
Width: 80mm, 140mm, 200mm
Weight: 700g, 1000g, 1200g
Capacity: 100ml, 375ml, 300ml

+ High performance concrete, dyed all the way through
+ Water tight

+ Impregnated with beeswax
+ All bowls have 4 small transparent rubber feet (2mm height) attached to the bottom to protect your surfaces from scratches

Delivery time

8 Days Germany

12 Days - Europe

14 Days - World