SeeSaw Vessel

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Kinetic Concrete Simplicity

This multi-purpose concrete vessel is finished to a high gloss to make the intricate terrazzo surface shine. The rocking capability gives this semi-circle a dynamic twist. With an asymmetrical set-up or by adding weights inside you can rotate them to your liking. 

Primarily developed as a planter, you can also use JigSaw as a bookstand, letter holder on your desk, for your cutlery in the kitchen or whatever you imagine.

With the add-on lid you can use this vessel for dry plants.

Height: 150mm 
Width: 300mm
Depth: 65mm
Weight: 2100g
Capacity: 1300ml
Height: 200mm 
Width: 400mm
Depth: 95mm
Weight: 4300g

Capacity: 3400ml

+ High performance concrete
+ Dyed through (no paint finish)
+ Water tight

+ Finished with beeswax

Delivery times

7 days - Germany

10 days - Europe

14 days - World