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Modular shelfing

We recently successfully finished a crowdfunding campaign for KUR!O. The first batch has been produced and is currently being delivered. We are planning a second batch for early 2021. If you are interested in distribution, retails or private purchase please get in contact with us. To learn about KUR!O in detail visit our campaign page on Kickstarter.

KUR!O is THE modern day shelving solution. It combines an incredibly simple plug'n'play system with a sturdy and timeless design and turns a seemingly mundane furniture into a piece of modern art. Endless possibilities of arrangements will make KUR!O adapt to your needs.

KUR!O is made for the modern dwellers who like things flexible and want to add personality to their homes. 

Board and panels are available in various colours and sizes giving the freedom to create costumized looks. Furthermore KUR!O can be extended by joining multiple KUR!Os. So you can fill a whole wall with your very own composition.


Originally developed as a modern day curiosity cabinet for wondrous things KUR!O eventually became a much more comprehensive shelving system. Individual applications may be as broad as a book shelf, a bottle display, coat hanger, plant shelf, spice rack, art display...you name it.  

Ease of use

KUR!O is designed to be fun and versatile. A regular grid of slits and holes in a base board hold the sticks and panels of different sizes. The panels can be placed in any order and interconnect when tucked together vertically and horizontally. Panels and sticks sit 19mm deep inside the board and are held tightly. This system does not require any screws or tools and allows for an instant change of the layout. Plug'n'play!


KUR!O is made to be extended endlessly. The boards connect seamlessly when pushed against each other. This way you can extend your area of shelving by combining multiple KUR!Os. That's where the real fun starts!

The boards can be joined and fixed on the backside with special connectors.

Award winning

We are proud to say that an early version of KUR!O already won Gold at prestigious A'Design Award in 2019 in the category "Furniture". We see this as a serious approval to give KUR!O a go!

The base board

The base of KUR!O is made up of two sandwiched wood fibre boards. The back of all bases is an 8mm thick black fundament. On top sits the 19mm thick main board available in following colours:

Black — Blue — Grey — Chocolate — Red — Ocher — Purple — Green

The material for these boards is a sophisticated high density wood fibre compound which is completely dyed through, moisture resistant, non-toxic and of high stability. Some of the wood fibres are visible on the surface and gives the boards a natural and lively appearance.

The Modules

The modules are made of powder coated steel, so they are heavy duty and won't bend with heavy objects on them. The panels are 2mm thick, the sticks have a 8mm diameter. Different lengths and widths are available.

Panel sizes:

200mm x 95mm x 2mm >> area of display: 200mm x 76mm

300mm x 95mmx 2mm >> area of display: 300mm x 76mm

400mm x 95mm x 2mm >> area of display: 400mm x 76mm

300mm x 170mm x 2mm >> area of display: 300mm x 151mm

400mm x 170mm x 2mm >> area of display: 400mm x 151mm

Stick size:

95mm length and 8mm diameter >> usable length: 76mm 

Module Colours:

In contrast to the muted colours of the board, the modules have more vibrant colours. The juxtaposition of both, material and colour, makes KUR!O really interesting. Available colours:

Black — Blue — Turquoise — Yellow — Light red — White